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2022 Committee

Kate Tempel - Director
Amy Feakes - Charities Campaign Convenor
Abi Wallace - Head of Admin and Finance
Rose Kleeger - Head of Marketing
Ellie Weiss - Social Media Coordinator
Rada Giogieva - Head of Graphics
Brooke Rascoe - Graphics Assistant
Lili Jones - Head of Creative
Connor McClean - Creative Team
Mhairi Claire Lynch - Creative Assistant
Oliver Walter - Head of Photography
Megan Smith - Head of Events
Emma Linford - Deputy Head of Events
Alixe Phillips - Events Assistant
Dea Dragashi - Head of Beauty
Laura Blundy Jones - Head of Fashion
Hannah Rees-Middleton - Deputy Head of Fashion
Sophia Applebee - Fashion Assistant
Grace Connery - Head of Sponsorship
Iona McNeill - Deputy Head of Sponsorship
Lucia Guercio - Sponsorship Assistant
Elizabeth Montfort - Sponsorship Assistant
Amy Niven - Head of Choreography
Georgia Davidson - Deputy Head of Choreography
Sacha Davies - Choreography Assistant
Hansine Hernandez - Freshers Rep
Kate Tenerowicz - Freshers Rep
Lula Zeid - Freshers Reps
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