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statement of Accessibility and Safety

We ask that all attendees of our events exemplify the strong community values of St Andrews and act with respect towards their peers. Antisocial behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated at CATWALK events. Any perpetrators will be banned from all future CATWALK events and may face repercussions with the Union, the University and/or the police, if those affected choose to take action.

All events will have at least two sober members present who will be clearly identified prior to the event. All members of CATWALK have Got Consent training and know active bystander intervention. All events are held in venues, such as the Students’ Association, which are accessible to people of all abilities, with wheelchair and mobility aid access.

These guidelines reflect the commitment of everyone involved in CATWALK to creating spaces that are inclusive, and accessible and that ensure the safety and wellbeing of not only committee members and models but of all our attendees. If anyone from the community has any suggestions, please message us so that we can best accommodate everyone in the student body fairly.

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